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With home heating contributing massively to the CO2e emissions of the UK, switching away from fossil fuel boilers is one of the single best things we can do to reduce our impact on our planet. Heat pumps use electrical energy to convert low grade heat from the air outside, into useful heat that can keep us and our house warm. This well established process has been used for decades and is incredibly efficient - you can see some of our systems monitored on and the efficiencies they are achieving.


Replacing a gas boiler with an air source heat pump will save a considerable amount of  CO2e every year. Further to this, as the UK energy mix changes and more wind turbines and solar panels are installed, the carbon emissions associated with running a heat pump may fall even further.



Heat pumps work at much lower water temperatures compared to conventional heating systems. With the correct sized radiators and the right controls, these lower temperatures will have no problem keeping your house to the temperature you like. Lower temperatures can also provide increased comfort as there is less temperature variation in a room - so no more hot and cold spots! Also, heat pumps run most efficiently when on all day meaning there’s no need to sit, shivering next to a fan heater at your desk because you don’t want to turn the heating on!


Although it may be difficult to predict future political decisions, clear signals have been made that an end is coming for fossil fueled heating. New builds will soon no longer be allowed to fit gas boilers, and the government are offering grants of £7,500 towards the cost of switching your home heating to an air source heat pump.



You won’t find many other plumbers with a Masters degree in Engineering. Designing heat pump systems is a more complex process than fitting gas boilers. It is critical that accurate calculations are completed pre-fit to ensure the heating system works as it should. There are many horror stories out there of heat pumps that don’t heat the house properly, and cost a small fortune to run. This is due to poor system design. By ensuring the design and calculations are done right from the offset, I can give you the confidence that your heat pump will work to a high level of efficiency and comfort.

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